Hunter Events knows the time and effort needed to research, visit and select an event venue is a big investment of hours spent. Plus the reviewing and negotiating of contracts, and the establishment of hotel room blocks also requires an even bigger investment of both time and attention to detail. Hunter Events can expedite this process by putting their 20+ years of experience and skill to the test to search and select the finest venues around the globe, as well as negotiate the event venue contracts and establish and manage the hotel room blocks.

Venue Research

Researching and finding the perfect event venue is extremely important to the success of the event as it needs to excite attendees and encourage their attendance. The event venue location should also accommodate the guest count, agenda and budget as well as any other specific needs for the event. Hunter Events makes a great effort in venue research to select the event venue appropriate to the Client’s unique and special requirements. Hunter Events also strives to find unique locations as an opportunity to introduce both the Client and their guests to fascinating and exclusive venues they may not otherwise encounter.

Hunter Events has experience working with hotel event venues locally in places like the sophisticated Claremont Club & Spa, a Fairmont Hotel, in Berkeley, California and The Westin St. Francis Hotel located on San Francisco’s vibrant Union Square. Hunter Events has also held events in more exclusive locations such as the famous Paramount Theater in Oakland, California and the beautiful Oakland Scottish Rite Center in California. Hunter Events travels domestically to host events in hotel event venues anywhere from the Las Vegas strip to the city of Chicago to the beaches of Florida. And if an international location is needed, Hunter Events has connections with venues world-wide.

Contract Negotiation

Once an event venue has been selected, Hunter Events will closely inspect the event venue contract and negotiate contractual terms—always looking for ways to make the terms of agreement as favorable as possible to the Client. Hunter Events’ experience in negotiating with hotels for events and negotiating event contracts has proven to minimize the Client’s risk, meet the event’s budget and ensure top-notch hospitality and service from the event venue. Hunter Events also specializes in wedding venue contract negotiation to reduce any worries the bride and groom may have on their big day.

Hotel Room Blocks

Reserving a hotel room block is an often-overlooked yet essential step in the event-planning process. Although reserving a hotel room block is a convenient and considerate solution for out-of-town guests who are traveling to the event, it can be a hassle to find the perfect location, coordinate the reservations and manage the hotel room block contract. Hunter Events is able to seamlessly and successfully manage this piece of the puzzle for any type of event, whether it be a wedding, corporate business conference or a large reunion.

On behalf of the Client, Hunter Events will manage all details of the hotel room block from the nightly room rate to addressing any discounts for a multi-night stay. Hunter Events will handle the paperwork of the hotel room block, review the terms of the contract and look for any missed or incorrect details in the agreement. Hunter Events will also act as the liaison between the Client and the establishment hotel manager to come to agreement and to understand the hotel’s policies such as: who is fiscally responsible for a no-show guest, what is the charge for additional last-minute hotel rooms or what is the cancellation policy. When the selected venue does not offer lodging for guests, Hunter Events makes certain to scout and select a hotel that offers a hotel room block service within close proximity to the event location.

Leave the hours of the venue research, contract negotiations and hotel room block management to Hunter Events and you will not be disappointed. Let’s plan your event together! Contact Robert Hunter at