Team Building Puzzle Challenge


A unique team building event experience was custom designed for The Coaches Training Institute’s Global Summit. On opening day, all 400 guests were given one small puzzle piece to fit together in to one very large upright, used as the branded focal point and backdrop for the Conference.


Hunter Events designed, produced and coordinated a unique team building event as the kick-off to this Summit: a giant 7’ high and 20’ long puzzle – assembled by the attendees.

The hundreds of logistics, including the artwork, printing, materials, design, coordination, music, lighting etc. were all produced by Hunter Events.

A large 20’ wide by 12’ high plain white stage upright was built and placed behind the stage.  As guests walked in to the room, the backdrop was lit in different shades of color and looked ‘natural’ as guests entered the room for the first time.  Little did they know that this upright would house the backdrop for the Summit – which all 400 guests would ultimately build together.

The finished puzzle containing 504 pieces.  Participants were spilt in to groups.  Each group had to find each other in the ballroom by means of a color code placed on the backs of their name tags. 

Once groups found each other and were assembled, each group had to put the square puzzle pieces together.  Once the square was complete, the group rushed the square to the stage area, where it was placed in it’s appropriate location on the custom backdrop.   The finished piece ultimately became the colorful and branding backdrop for the three-day Summit.  The finished piece was 7’ high and 20’ long.

The white backdrop was designed with clear horizontal insets, that the finished pieces would slide in to.  And, the backdrop was also marked with 21 barely visible numbers and an outline of where the finished pieces should be placed.  White Velcro was also attached, to make sure the 21 puzzle pieces remained secure throughout the Summit – which they did.  This feat was a tremendous amount of pre-planning and coordination.  And, well worth it.


As one of the best event planning companies in San Francisco, Hunter Events puts experience and skill to the test to search and select the finest venues around the world — appropriate to the client’s unique and specific needs. Located in Marco Island, FL, was the ideal place to welcome and host the International travelers who were in attendance. Marco Island is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and offers world-class golf courses nearby, shopping and dining on Marco Island and in nearby Naples, the world famous Everglades National Park adjacent, and immediate access to both the Gulf of Mexico and the mangrove-lined estuaries of the Ten Thousand Islands for shelling, fishing, boating, bird and wildlife watching, kayaking and canoeing. Supported by a top-notch staff, the resort offers everything you needed to produce a memorable and smooth Meeting and overall experience for the attendees.


Guests at this Corporate Summit were able to fully experience the important topics discussed during each meeting. The Client was more than pleased at the success of the Summit, as well as the outstanding service and event planning and Team Building exercise provided by Hunter Events. Our team was grateful to provide the Client with an impactful International Corporate Summit during which their attendees networked, met new faces (and reconnected other work mates) and learned new and important information — therefore making attendance extremely worthwhile.


As a top event planner in San Francisco, Hunter Events customizes and creates unique events in the Bay Area, throughout the United States and across the globe. Hunter Events has partnered and established long-lasting relationships with world-class hotels, venues and special event facilities — like The Marriott Marco Island.

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Team Building Puzzle Challenge