Pirate Themed Corporate Anniversary Event 2015

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Pirate Entertainment

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Hunter Events — one of the top ten Corporate event planners in San Francisco — planned and produced a one-of-a-kind Pirate themed Corporate Anniversary Event. This event was held at the iconic and landmark Spenger’s Restaurant in Berkeley, California.


As with all corporate Events planned by Hunter Events, the menu for this reception was carefully crafted and tailored to the Client’s specific needs. Guests enjoyed an array of hors d’oeuvres and a selection of fine cocktails throughout the evening. Mouthwatering entrées of vegetarian dishes, a garlic crusted roast beef and grilled salmon carving station, and a seafood and dim sum bar delighted each guest. A delectable dessert bar, complete with chocolate éclairs, lemon squares, fudge brownies and gourmet cupcakes rounded out the experience.


As one of the top event planning companies in San Francisco, Hunter Events puts experience and skill to the test to search and select the finest venues around the world — appropriate to the Client’s unique and specific needs.

The event took place as a buy-out of Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto.  Spenger’s is  Berkeley’s oldest restaurant, in a building that’s a city historical landmark, and was originally the home of Bavarian immigrant and fisherman Johann Spenger. He started selling clams and beer from the front of the building in the 1890s. The eatery expanded through the years and over the Spenger’s generations, becoming a full-service restaurant in the 1930s. It’s always specialized in fresh seafood and was known for thick clam chowder served with baskets of crusty San Francisco sourdough bread on the side.


The entertainment portion of this event was like a well choreographed high end Hollywood production.  The moment the guests arrived, they were greeted by swashbuckling Pirates directly outside the entrance — engaged in a sword fight and fight to the finish.  Once inside, the colorful Pirated themed entertainment continued.  Pirates roamed the different rooms and mingled with the guests, telling bawdy jokes and interacting with one another as well as the guests. Captain Spareribs led the bawdy troupe and entertained the guests with his  sleight of hand, bad pirate jokes and acrobatic skills.  All characters posed with guests for photo opportunities throughout the night.  A female Pirate, Roxie, offered guests Pirate tattoos in the back parlor.  Perhaps the biggest draw of the night was the incredible photo area.  Two pirates mugged with the guests — as did two domesticated, giant and colorful live Macaw birds.  Each guest walked away with a keepsake picture of themselves with both the Pirates and Macaws. The detailed décor was outstanding.  Custom made directional signs were made and placed throughout the restaurant.  Each stand was individually lit.  The atmosphere of the entire restaurant was changed with theatrical lighting throughout each room of the space.   Raised cocktail tables draped in rich crimson lame linens were set throughout the room and adorned with soft glowing candlelight. Custom signage mimicking the theme stood high above the buffets.  Pirate “booty” was placed in bowls on the buffets and bars for all. This thoughtful setup allowed colleagues to socialize and mingle comfortably and provided enough space for the entertainers to freely move throughout the crowd as they mingled and posed with the guests.

As guests exited, they were each given a custom made bronze telescope emblazoned with the company logo.  Each telescope was the carefully placed in to a lush black sack.  A custom card was attached to the outside of each bag that read “As far as the eye can see…”

Detail is everything to Hunter Events — and Hunter Events has made a career out of details.  Literally.


Guests at this Pirate themed Corporate Anniversary Event were able to celebrate their achievements in a most unique and unforgettable way. The delectable menu items, the exquisite beverages and the non-stop and exciting entertainment left an indelible impression on each and every attendee. But above all, the theatrics and lighting, decor and props brought in for this defined the event like none other. The Client was pleased with the venue’s hospitality, the flawless performances by the many Pirate entertainers (and Macaws) and the outstanding service and event planning provided by Hunter Events.


As a top event planner in San Francisco, Hunter Events customizes and creates unique events in the Bay Area, throughout the United States and across the globe. Hunter Events has partnered and established long-lasting relationships with world-class hotels, venues and special event facilities.


Pirate Themed Corporate Anniversary Event 2015