Planning a corporate event or private party—whether large or small—requires a lot of hard work and organization. However, even more hard work is needed once the event is actually taking place. During this time, the Client should be able to sit back and enjoy the event with their attendees, while relying on the hired event staffing to manage all details of the event.

Hunter Events—one of the top event planning companies in San Francisco—understands the importance of putting the right people in place during the event to ensure a seamless execution and joyful experience for everyone involved. With over 20 years of event staffing experience and planning for corporate events, Hunter Events knows exactly how to properly staff an event of any type or size. From hosting a private dinner party for 12, to a cocktail reception for 100 or even a corporate convention of thousands, Hunter Events will arrange to take care of all of the hospitality and event staffing needs.

Hunter Events works closely with event staffing agencies to hire skilled and dedicated event staff, who are flexible in meeting a change in the event schedule or any other unforeseen challenges, should they arise. Guest safety is incredibly important at each and every event, and Hunter Events’ event staffing agencies know how to provide adequate crowd control and highly-trained event security. Additional event staffing needs such as event greeters and check-in assistants, guest service attendants, ticket takers and ushers, parking and valet attendants, servers and bartenders, convention show office staffers—and so much more—are available as needed for any specific type of event.

Event guests are the most valuable assets to any corporate or private event, and Hunter Events strives to always provide friendly and approachable event staffing who offers the best hospitality and an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

So leave your event staffing needs to Hunter Events and you will not be disappointed. Let’s plan your event together! Contact Robert Hunter at Robert@HunterEvents.net.