Hunter Events believes that first impressions are a key factor in the success of an event or conference. From the moment the attendees are introduced to the event—whether by formal invitation, a conference registration website or from their arrival at the event venue—an impactful impression is crucial. Hunter Events—one of the top event planning companies in San Francisco—strives to ensure the impact of the event is positive for each and every guest in attendance.

This is done with thoughtful care and deep consideration during each step of the planning process. Once the event venue has been established, Hunter Events works closely with the on site venue manager to review the venue floor plan and terms of agreement as to what can be set up, brought in or moved—all while keeping in mind the event’s desired theme and atmosphere.

If an event requires table settings, Hunter Events takes great care in the placement of each table and chair. When setting a room with tables for a formal dinner or with cocktail tables for a casual gathering, Hunter Events takes into account the projected number of guests and the venue space available to ensure enough room for guests to move freely throughout the space without bumping into one another. If buffet tables or a cocktail bar is needed, Hunter Events scouts the space to find the best location possible for both visibility and accessibility.

If the event will be providing entertainment for the crowd with a speaker, musician or entertainment, Hunter Events will ensure everything from the stage lighting to the performance space is visible to the audience, and safely and comfortably accommodates the entertainers.

If a corporate conference requires a registration or check-in station, Hunter Events will ensure the guests are greeted with easy-to-read wayfinding signage and a team of friendly hired event staff, conveniently located at the entrance of the event venue.

If a corporate convention requires exhibit booths, Hunter Events carefully maps out the placement of each booth to ensure a fair amount of space is available for all vendors, as well as enough space for traffic flow throughout the exhibits.

In addition to the design and layout of the floor plan of an event or conference, Hunter Events goes to great lengths to make certain the experience is deliberately executed. When an attendee arrives at the event, what do they first see and how are they greeted? When a keynote speaker takes the stage, what music will be played? When attending a formal dinner, what type of ambiance will the guests experience? When guests walk out of the closing night reception, what feeling will they be left with? These are examples of the questions Hunter Events asks to ensure a well-rounded and impactful event or conference for everyone in attendance.

So leave the details of design and layout to Hunter Events and you will not be dissapointed. Let’s plan your event together! Contact Robert Hunter at