Corporate Global Summit: Coaches Training Institute 2014


Hunter Events — one of the top ten Corporate Event Planners in San Francisco — hosted a three-day Corporate Global Summit at the Meritage Resort and Spa located in Napa, CA. Over 600 attendees from all corners of the globe joined together for this three day Summit, which included an Opening Night Reception and a Closing Night Reception, Dinner and dancing.


As with all Corporate events planned by Hunter Events, the guests were well cared for each and every minute of the Conference. The day-long meetings were packed with so many items of business that taking much time away for lunch was not ideal. Hunter Events offered a sensible solution to this by providing catered lunch buffets during each day of the Conference. The buffet was set in the lobby, just outside of the meeting rooms, making it easy for attendees to quickly grab a delicious bite to eat. The menus for each lunch were carefully crafted and filled with items such as marinated top sirloin steaks or roasted lemon cod, as well as a variety of salads, Vegetarian and Vegan dishes. Guests were also offered breakfasts, refreshments and light snacks to stay energized and focused all day.


As one of the best event planning companies in San Francisco, Hunter Events puts experience and skill to the test to search and select the finest venues around the world — appropriate to the client’s unique and specific needs. Located in Napa Valley, the Meritage Hotel and Spa Hotel was the perfect place to welcome and host the International travelers who were in attendance. Napa Valley is famous for its natural beauty, exceptional cuisine, legendary wines and warm hospitality – and you’ll find it all at Meritage Resort and Spa. Supported by a top-notch staff, the resort offers everything you needed to produce a memorable and smooth Meeting and overall experience for the attendees.

For the daily meetings, Hunter Events designed the ballroom in to a Theatre styled setting, with a small stage in the center of the large room. Theatre seating was set in quadrants of four — all facing the elevated stage. Monitors were placed high above the stage as well as large monitors on all four walls of the room. The walls of the room were covered in black draping and uplit in hues of blue.

The skilled audio-visual team overseen by the Hunter Events Technical Staff seamlessly deployed the production during the meetings. The day-long meetings were packed with speaker presentations and a variety of topics to discuss.  Therefore it was critical that every minute of each individual presentation was timed perfectly in order to cover all Speakers and items of business. The technology director and audio-visual team, under the direction of Hunter Events, worked tirelessly to keep everyone successfully on task and the meetings within their tight time constraints.


Guests at this Corporate Conference were able to fully experience the important topics discussed during each meeting and meet and greet session. The Client was pleased at the success of the Conference, as well as the outstanding service and event planning provided by Hunter Events. Our team was grateful to provide the Client with an impactful International Corporate Conference during which their attendees networked, met new faces (and reconnected other work mates) and learned new and important information — therefore making attendance extremely worthwhile.


As a top event planner in San Francisco, Hunter Events customizes and creates unique events in the Bay Area, throughout the United States and across the globe. Hunter Events has partnered and established long-lasting relationships with world-class hotels, venues and special event facilities — like The Meritage Resort & Spa.

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Corporate Global Summit: Coaches Training Institute 2014