Hunter Events knows that when planning a corporate event or convention, the company’s corporate branding is a very important detail to weave into planning process. The event attendees will either be very familiar with the company’s corporate branding, or they will be introduced to it at the event. Either way, the corporate event acts as as a spotlight for the company’s brand, and the corporate branding should clearly come across to event attendees exactly as intended. As one of the top event planning companies in San Francisco, Hunter Events puts over 20 years of experience and skill to the test to ensure the Client’s corporate branding does exactly that.

Hunter Events begins the event planning process by working closely with the Client to establish the theme of the event and to understand the company’s voice and vibe from a branding perspective. Once this has been communicated, Hunter Events is able to craft ways to incorporate the company corporate branding into as much of the corporate event as requested by the Client. This includes everything from the creation of the event registration website to the on-site event signage, and anything in between.

Hunter Events also understands that corporate brand standards created by the Client’s corporate branding agency should be respected and followed as outlined in the company’s brand guidelines. All event material created by Hunter Events will follow a proofing process to ensure the corporate branding is displayed accurately. Any revisions requested by the Client and their corporate branding agency will be promptly taken care of and another proof will be provided. Should the company not have any predetermined brand requirements, Hunter Events is also able to offer corporate branding services specific to the event.

So leave the corporate branding to Hunter Events and you will not be disappointed. Let’s plan your event together! Contact Robert Hunter at