Aerial Act Masquerade Corporate Event


Hunter Events — one of the top ten Corporate event planners in San Francisco — planned and produced an elegant and mysterious Masquerade themed Corporate Event. This event was held in The Lodge at the Regency Center in San Francisco, California. From the moment the guests arrived, they were in for an evening of elegance, mystery and unexpected one of a kind entertainment. Guests were greeted with a flute of Moet Champagne and offered a choice of beautiful, intricate handmade masks before they entered in to the mysterious main room of The Lodge.


As with all corporate Company events planned by Hunter Events, the menu for this reception was carefully crafted and tailored to the Client’s specific needs. Guests enjoyed an array of hors d’oeuvres and a selection of fine cocktails throughout the evening. The buffet included items such as Herb-crusted Beef Sirloin, carved to order and Monterey Crab cakes, also made to order, and a variety of fresh vegetarian dishes. A mouth-watering dessert bar, including assorted truffles and mini cheeses cakes, served with freshly brewed coffee, hot tea and seasonal fruit rounded out the dining experience.


As one of the top event planning companies in San Francisco, Hunter Events puts experience and skill to the test to search and select the finest venues around the world — appropriate to the Client’s unique and specific needs. The Regency Center, including The Lodge located on the top floor of the building, is a multi-use events venue, conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco on Van Ness Avenue. The Regency Center is considered one of the finest examples of Scottish Rite temple architecture in the country, featuring Gothic, Neoclassic, and Beaux-Arts styles. Each space in the building has a unique architectural characteristic and an array of accompanying rooms.

The building opened in 1909 as the “Scottish Rite Temple”, built by the Scottish Rite as a Masonic Lodge – now The Lodge at The Regency Center. The Lodge was the original meeting hall for the Scottish Rite Freemasons. In 2000, the entire building was restored to its original splendor, and is meticulously maintained, and fully upgraded to modern technical standards.

The Lodge is a dramatic crimson space and a magnificent example of Gothic architecture that amazed and stunned all of the guests. The stunning thirty-five-foot arched open beam ceilings with dark wood paneled walls, dark red carpeting and intricate stained-glass windows. It also features an elegant stage – with a variety of original backdrops which can be used for special events This Lodge also features the original Austin Organ from 1909 – which was tuned and used specifically for this particular event. Hunter Events’ desire to constantly introduce both the Client and their guests to fascinating and unique venues they may not otherwise experience, was the driving force in selecting The Lodge at The Regency Center for this Corporate Event.


As with all events, Hunter Events customized the entertainment for this very unique event. Hunter hired a custom mask maker who provided high end and intricate masks for all of guests upon their arrival. A mysterious masked pianist entertained the crowd throughout the cocktail hour and through dinner.

Hunter Events also wrote and produced a custom 15-minute aerial act to be the highlight of the evening. The guests didn’t know the following was going to happen and all were completely taken by surprise…

At 8:45 p.m., the dim ambient lighting in the Lodge was abruptly shut off and the room went completely dark. The music abruptly stopped at the same time. The only light in the room came from the candles, spread throughout the room. Unexpectedly, the thundering opening chords of “Toccata & Fugue in D Minor” blasted from the stately organ, which with lighting, faded up from dark to being illuminated in dark red, and cast a haunting, smoky glow. All eyes were on the organist, wearing a custom made black beaded cape and an ornate mask with feathers. As the final notes of the musical piece filled the room, the organist slowly rose, turned around and faced the crowd. As the echoes of the organ pipes reverberated then slowly dissipated, soft and ethereal music began to play. The organist, still cloaked in the shadows, slowly pointed to the far-right side of the room, then slowly to the far-left corner. As he did so, two beams of light followed his movements and direction. In each corner of the room, a single female figure appeared, lit in a circle of light. Their heads faced down, they were dressed in dark spandex, and intricate, jeweled masks, which sparkle in the light as they slowly raise their heads simultaneously. One woman is blonde, the other brunette, yet, they are dressed identically. They both wear masks, and slowly walk towards one another as a spot light follows their movement and they meet in the center of the dance floor. The mysterious music continues. There is a strap hanging in the center of the floor. One of the two females points to the strap, and directs the other to engage herself in to the strap. They both remove their masks, and the aerial act begins. The duo flies and intertwines with one another – high above the heads of the delighted and awe-struck guests.

At the close of the act, the aerial artists gently put their masks back on, each other. They hold hands for a moment, dramatically unclasp their grasps on one another, and slowly walk back in to the dark corners of the room. As they do so, they pause, glance back at one another, raise their hands towards one another, but the lights suddenly black out and they disappear in to the black abyss of the now dark room Immediately after their departure, the ambient lights slowly begin to rise throughout the room. The guests were pleasantly shocked, surprised, very excited and all eagerly applauded. Immediately following this act, the band started to perform and the dancing began. It was indeed a night the guests will never forget.


Guests at this one-of-a-kind event were delighted and in awe by this surprise and customized happening. Several guests compared it going to a live theatrical event, full of surprise and show stopping moments. It was.

The delicious menu items, the exquisite beverages and the non-stop entertainment impressed each and every attendee. But above all, the beauty and elegance of the remarkable Lodge defined the event like none other. The Client was pleased with the venue’s hospitality, the flawless performance of the aerial act and Organist and the outstanding service, production and event planning provided by Hunter Events.


As a top event planner in San Francisco, Hunter Events customizes and creates unique events in the Bay Area, throughout the United States and across the globe. Hunter Events has partnered and established long-lasting relationships with world-class hotels, venues and special event facilities — like The Lodge at The Regency Center.

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Aerial Act Masquerade Corporate Event