The atmosphere of an event or conference is often times created with a well-designed lighting plan. The lighting of a meeting room, stage or ballroom is more complex than one may imagine. Hunter Events—one of the top event planning companies in San Francisco—knows there are many factors needed to create the type of desired ambiance fit for any type of event or conference. These factors include light intensity, the set up and positioning of light fixtures, and the overall desired mood of the event or conference. The size and style of the room itself also plays a large role in determining what type of lighting effects are possible or necessary.

With over 20 years of experience in event planning, Hunter Events has created impressive lighting design plans for a wide variety of events—from an elegant wedding reception to a large corporate conference. The goal of a well-crafted lighting design plan is to not just create a “wow factor” for every guest in attendance, but to also either highlight or disguise certain features of the event venue. When done properly, dramatic up-lighting can illuminate a venue’s unique features such as an ornate ceiling or create shadows to hide any unsightly elements.

Specific light colors can also set a desired mood or vibe for the event. During the planning process, Hunter Events meets with the Client to discuss whether the event should be more tranquil with splashes of cool blue tones or more upbeat with pops of bright pink tones. Moving light patterns also help to create a fun, cheerful atmosphere to take any event from plain to party in an instant!

Hunter Events is also able to put a Client’s logo in lights—literally. With the use of light projections and technology, Hunter Events is able to display a company logo, conference theme or event title on the venue’s walls or floors to deliver that extra special level of customization to any event. Matching the lighting to a company’s corporate colors is also a nice way to bring the Client’s brand to life in a tangible way.

Whether the event or conference would benefit from spotlighting, dimmable mood lighting, splashes of colorful uplighting—and anything in between—Hunter Events will deliver! So leave the lighting design to Hunter Events and you will not be dissapointed. Let’s plan your event together! Contact Robert Hunter at