Hunter Events—one of the top full-service event planning companies in San Francisco—delivers an exciting approach to planning each and every event, from private celebrations to corporate events or conferences. Hunter Events puts over 20 years of experience and skill to the test by designing unique and meaningful events that fit within each of the Client’s specific needs, budget and style. It is Hunter Events’ aptitude for creativity, organization, and attention to detail that makes each and every event or corporate conference a true success. 

Hunter Events begins the planning process by meeting with the Client to discuss the overall purpose and goals of their event or conference. During this conversation, Hunter Events truly listens to the Client to fully understand their style and taste, attendee culture and goals for the event. If the event or conference is an annual occurrence, Hunter Events will also discover what has been done in the past, what worked and what did not work. With this information, Hunter Events researches and scouts a variety of elements to craft the perfect event plan, to not only deliver what the Client is requesting, but to also offer dynamic and creative solutions beyond their expectations. 

Once the event or conference plan has been drafted, Hunter Events meets with the Client to communicate the plan, down to the most minute detail. Hunter Events verbally takes the Client through the complete story of the event, from beginning to end and provides creative solutions, ideas and options beyond the Client’s wildest dreams. This level of customization ensures that no two events planned by Hunter Events will ever be alike, thus always providing a unique and specialized event to be remembered by all in attendance.  

Hunter Events understands and respects the Client’s budget—no matter what size—and will always provide a transparent itemized list of the plan with the cost for each and every element clearly stated. From this list, the Client is able to customize their event or conference based on what fits within the budget. Hunter Events acts as a hands-on Project Manager for the meeting, conference or event, professionally coordinates all vendors and contracts, and operates the project onsite from start to finish. After each event or conference, Hunter Events provides an analysis or project report to discuss and review with the Client. 

Hunter Events always strives to deliver thoughtful solutions to produce a customized and unforgettable event or conference for each and every attendee. A tremendous amount of thought and consideration goes into the planning process and the results are shown with proven success, event after event. So leave your event planning needs to Hunter Events and you will not be dissapointed. Let’s plan your event together! Contact Robert Hunter at Robert@HunterEvents.net.